Making a difference in public safety

Active Threat Alert is the leading mobile public safety system, notifying on-duty and off-duty law enforcement, as well as all other affected personnel, the instant an active threat occurs.

Every Second Counts

ATA puts the right technology into the hands of teachers and administrators, giving them the ability to alert all available safety resources and notify all other school faculty in the event of an active threat.

Protectors Among Us

Local police are immediately notified of the location of an active alert. Off-duty officers in the vicinity are instantly alerted, providing a faster and more effective response.

Instant Communication

Active Threat Alert provides the platform to deliver critical information to the right people instantly. ATA pulls all available resources by securely bridging the gap in communication.

Available March 2014

ATA is currently in private beta with a select few school districts.

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What is Active Threat Alert?

Active Threat Alert (ATA) is a school safety initiative aimed at increasing the effectiveness of a law enforcement response in the event of an active threat situation within our schools. This is accomplished by decreasing the response time and providing additional police officers when they are needed most.

ATA provides a platform to improve communication between law enforcement and educators by immediately alerting both on-duty and off-duty trained police personnel who are able to respond, regardless of jurisdiction. ATA also alerts all teachers and school administrators surrounding the incident to allow them to rapidly enact their school safety procedures protecting students and faculty before a threat is presented.

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For Educators

ATA helps give law enforcement as much information as possible, such as the precise location of the alert.

ATA is simple to use. If an active threat occurs, simply press the "Emergency" button.

When triggering an alert, a simple PIN code is required. No false alarms.

After the alert goes out, ATA shows how many law enforcement officials are responding, in realtime.

For Law Enforcement

ATA makes it simple to subscribe to emergency alerts for an entire area or just a single district.

If an emergency alert is sent for one of your districts, ATA notifies you immediately and gives detailed location information.

If you respond to the alert, ATA keeps you up-to-date on the developing situation in realtime.

ATA shows the reported location of the alert, making certain the responding officer knows exactly where to go.